Rock/Metal Night @Bunker’s Hill, Nottingham 7/7/2014

no consequnce

No Consequence

drewsif stalin's musical endevours


friend for a foe

Friend for a Foe

taken by the tide

Taken by the Tide

On my first foray into Bunkers Hill in Nottingham, which I have never been to before so I was keen to see what it was all about. And I was impressed. And it’s been a while since I last went to a metal gig. Taken by the Tide proved to be as energetic as their performance with some full-on screamo vocals and earned themselves a positive reaction from the crowd. Friend for a Foe packed masses of enthusiasm on the stage. Plenty of screamo-vocal action and did equally as much moshing, if not more and the crowd seemed to like these guys. Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavours, consisting of three men and a lady, they started off with an instrumental song. Front woman, Nikki, took to the stage and wasted no time in making her presence felt and captivated everyone with her hauntingly melodic voice. This woman’s definitely got that rude-gal attitude, and plenty of it. If I was to say anything about Endeavour it is that they pack a lot of circus-like energy and was overall impressive. No Consequence finished off the night with full-on metal madness. The crowd well and truly loved this one all the way through.  A completely hyperactive set throughout complete with loads of moshing and moon walking, these guys were crowd pleasers.

Further pictures from the night:

_MG_3841 _MG_3997 _MG_3605 _MG_3831

All words and photos by Adam J Humphreys

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