MITB: Luna Kat – ‘Anxiety’

A review I did of Luna Kat’s song,

New York/Aussie artist and all round talented performing supremo, Luna Kat has released her latest single, ‘Anxiety’, and is one that can be added to your playlist.

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Music Reviews – Scott Matthews

A music review I did for Scott Matthews

Music Monday: SCOTT MATTHEWS releases daring new electronica single 'New Skin'
Music Monday: SCOTT MATTHEWS releases daring new electronica single ‘New Skin’

New Skin, one of the news singles from Scott Matthews album of the same name. It’s almost four and a half minutes long and is a relaxing, melodic, electronic, soulful sweep from start to finish. As you would expect, Scott’s vocals are completely smooth and captivating to the ear and are filled with emotion from the first note. 

Adam Humphries reports.

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In Conversation With… Paul Harries

Both happy and surprised to have had him on this. If you’re a reader of rock music magazine, Kerrang, you’ll no doubt be familiar with his photography work.

Saturday Special: In Conversation With… Paul Harries
Saturday Special: In Conversation With… Paul Harries

Say Hi to Paul Harries, a renowned music photographer who has worked extensively in the music scene now over two decades. He has photographed many of the artists whose music adorns your playlist. He even hung out with Corey from Slipknot in a field, as part of a photo session. Paul’s interest started around the time when musical greats such as Adam Ant and Sixiousie Sioux began making their mark on the music scene.

In that time Paul has even dabbled in making music videos with friends who are also film-makers, and apparently, it’s not that different from directing a photo-session. Within the last five years, he has curated his own exhibition displaying his images from his collection of Slipknot. And it was also ten years ago he took part in another exhibition in which he displayed his work alongside five other photographers including Andy Willsher. Paul Harries’s work can be seen in the rock magazine, Kerrang.


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In Conversation With… Andrew David Castle

When I was doing a Q&A with this guy I had no idea that he originally lived in the same region as me.

Factory worker, Carpet salesman, Car cleaner, retail work and window fitter, even a stint as a rock musician, it seems there’s not a job that writer/director and screen writer Andrew David Barker has not had. With no past experience in the literature world Andrew put pen to paper and began teaching himself how to write a fiction piece of storytelling.

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Music Reviews: Same Old Same Old

A review I did of a band from Taiwan. In all fairness they’re really good.

Artist: No Party for Cao Dong

Same Old Same Old is the new single by Taiwan rock band, No Party for Cao Dong and by the sound of it it’s already had a great response since a livestream on RPG. Same Old has a soothing, 70’s sounding melodic rhythm to it and along with its lyrics creates the perfect tranquil music.

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What’s On UK: Just Lending a Hand or Two

As We Come Out of Lockdown Can we be Sure That Those Most in Need Are Getting the Best?

Like everybody else during the lockdown, and when I wasn’t at work, I spent quite a bit of time watching programmes on TV. Basically, anything that could maintain my interest for more than fifteen minutes, well let’s face it, as with many other people, there was not exactly a huge amount of anything else that I could do was there.

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