Max Raptor and Hildamay @The Venue, Derby 15/3/2012

My first time into the derby-based music venue, ironically called The Venue and there’s two bands on tonight and from what I can gather there’s a lot of hype about them. Hildamay, who have been on the music scene since 2008, and all that can be said was that the crowd reaction was absolutely huge and not surprisingly these guys just sounded awesome. Everything about them was just fresh from the vocals to the bass and their sheer energy on-stage. From what I’ve heard Hildamay have definitely got what it takes to seriously hit the big time.

Burton-on-Trent’s own Max Raptor co-stole the entire show and all I can say is that these guys are just incredible and have lots of raw energy and oozed masses of adrenaline. They sounded like complete pro’s and not surprisingly everyone still wanted a piece of them even after the show. Seriously, the locals of Burton should be proud of this lot, you’ve got one incredible band on your hands. The guys show some serious power when they’re in front of an entire crowd.

Other pictures from the night

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