Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Congrats are in order for Ukraine on winning Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest 2016 with their song ‘1944’, courtesy of their singer Jamala. Unfortunately this has managed to rub Russia up the wrong way and are said to be intending to boycott next years’ edition. That’d be a first. They seem to think it’s an anti-Kremlin song. Personally I find it absolutely ironic (and hilarious) that for a country (formerly the USSR) that likes to strike fear into the hearts of the western world that they get worked up over rivalry victory and a Austrian drag queen.

On another note I admit voted for Hungary (Freddie) to win as I liked their entry but admit I was blown over by Georgia’s entry (Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitaz). Pity about Joe and Jake, 3rd to last. It was a nice treat seeing Justin Timberlake perform and I hope you enjoyed the show America.

All I can say is congratulations on your victory Ukraine, well done Jamala

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