Just Something on my Mind…

With the growth of the British music scene, both here and abroad, we should hold more days such as BBC Music Day and Independent Record Store Day to help us celebrate our musical genius


NOW for all music enthusiasts the BBC held its annual BBC Music Day a over a few days ago on the 26th September, something which it has been doing every year since 2015. Come next year it will have reached a five-year milestone, a further five years from being a decade long. Now that is something I would love to see happen. Another one that is worth celebrating is Independent Record Store Day.

Now one of the reasons why this is definitely worth celebrating is because not only does it help celebrate the music industry, on a nationwide level, but also small independent businesses. I mean, yeah, sure we’ve got the more well-known music stores such as HMV but what about the smaller stores which are standalone’s, not part of a huge business franchise. They need to be celebrated to cos at the rate they are disappearing it is going to have a big impact on both business and music to.

Now when it comes to independent record shops there’s a couple I know of that do their bit to help their local music scene by holding both special music nights as well as open-mic nights. But in terms specialist music I think we could do well by hosting more events like this by, for example, host specialist nights that promote music from a grass-roots level.

I myself have attended various nights like these and, with the right promotion, know just how popular they can be. A couple of the ones I have been to have in actual fact been hosted in independent music shops. One of the numerous benefits of this is that it helps the store as people become aware of its existence. The people hosting the nights rare keen music enthusiasts who are completely familiar with the music scene, the types of venues there are, inside people who you need to know.

Now the last time I went to one these specialist music nights was earlier this year in Nottingham when I was watching various musicians perform at an acoustic night. The event in particular was at Nottingham’s infamous Rough Trade Records which also has its’ own store. Now how many other labels and store’s do you know of that do that sort of thing? Since that night I’ve since seen two of the artists perform at other gigs; Myles Knight and Tori Sheard. The latter of which went on co-host a music night of her own with herself headlining it.

As an out and proud music fan, and a keen enthusiast of Nottingham’s own music scene is that because of events like the one’s created by the town’s Rough Trade Records is that it has helped it to grow, evolve, and become more diverse to no end. In my opinion, that is something to be proud of and celebrate.

As we watch the country’s music scene grow, be it via festivals or genres etc, we should try to host more events like these and be proud to celebrate what we have created in terms of music. I mean I don’t know much about what or how they do it abroad but how many other places to you know of where well-known broadcasters celebrating national music day? How many other places do you know of that celebrate the pride of independent record shops and their contribution to their local scene?

Something I would like to see happen, is for places that are most famous for what they have given us celebrate that but in a way that celebrates the pride of the town. For example, The Beatles, are the proud product of Liverpool. Imagine how amazing it would be if the town was to have a day where both the music shops and venues were to create sort of Beatles day where they celebrated the famous four. How cool would that be. Imagine how many records by The Beatles would be sold just by doing something like that, it’d be an exciting collaboration, and just think you could have your local radio station playing all their greatest hits all day long. It would be Beatle Mania

Think of any musical genius that came from your town, be it band or genre, then think of how great it would be if music stores and venues got together to celebrate that musical creativity. And if you were able to get the local radio station involved, just imagine how effective that would be. Seriously, both the excitement and possibilities would be endless.

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