Employable Me on BBC2

This is just something that I wanted to give some special attention to at the moment, it’s on BBC2 and it’s called Employable Me. It’s about people with various disabilities who are struggling to find work. The people in the featured programme suffer from a wide-range of problems from tourettes, partial sight and Autism. I myself have a disability called Asperger’s which is a mild form of Autism so have first-hand experience of how challenging it can be to live with a disability which can affect numerous aspects of your life. From socialising, making friends, work to basic living. I’m thoroughly proud that the BBC allowed for a programme that challenges one of the biggest social taboos of our time. I myself have friends with various disabilities and have met people with various disabilities so have seen first-hand of how much of a hurdle it can represent for them, and how some people in society both view and treat them. All I ask is that that next time you see someone with a physical or learning disability don’t view them like they’ve escape from some mental institution or some strange weird being, but view them as a person. People with disabilities are no different from those whom are able-bodied or no learning disability and deserve your love, respect, care, time and attention as much as the next. For further reading on disability head to the Autism and the Arts page


The Good Doctor

This is a new US TV medical drama which I’d quite to talk about mainly due to the subject matter which I’m more than familiar with, mainly because I’ve got the same problem as the main character in it. The new drama in question is called The Good Doctor which is broadcast on Sky Living and stars British actor Freddie Highmore (Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Bates Motel) as Dr Shaun Murphy, a surgeon with suffers from Autism, and Savant Syndrome. After watching the whole of the first episode I found it utterly compelling and took great pride in the fact that a TV show like this had even been made, even more so that it’s the main character whom suffers with a learning disability. In the first episode his character, Dr Shaun helps save the life of a young boy who’s suffered a serve accident whilst on his way to a job interview at a hospital. Even though numerous people write him off as a weirdo his medical skills enable him to save the life of the young boy and is eventually given the job at the hospital. I myself suffer a form of Autism known as Asperger Syndrome, and as a result was able to identify with the lead character, and to a degree, some of his plight. There was a scene which stood-out to me towards the end of the episode in which numerous members of The Board have doubts about hiring him to his problems. There are many people in the world, some of whom may or may not have watched this series whom have various learning disabilities and as a result find it difficult to understand the world around them and as a result find it hard both fitting in with any peer group and of course communicating with others. As a fellow Autism sufferer I myself have had similar sorts of problems when I was growing up. One of the things it did give me was the ability to help and understand the world of those whom do suffer such disabilities and gave me ways of helping them to find their way in the world. Overall I found this to be an amazing series on would whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone.

For further reads on Autism go to the Autism and the Arts page