In The Spotlight: Duke Dumont & Gorgon City (ft Naations) Real Life


For this edition of the Spotlight feature I wanted to discuss a former dance hit called Real Life. It was made by three dance artists who are amazing in their own way; Duke Dumont, Gorgon City and Naations. Now each of these three have had hit tracks before disappearing into obscurity so this track gives us all the more reason to celebrate their return, and to be honest, why not?
What reasons do I have for even making this my chosen track? Well first and foremost, why not. It’s simply an amazing song. The chorus, “I just wanna love you, in real life baby” just goes around and round your head. What I find intriguing about that is that you could easily point out about how it directly points out our desire to be loved, liked and appreciated in real life and for who we actually are, not for what we are online.
The video that accompanies the song has two direct cultural references; one being to the infamous horror classic, Carrie, the other to teen flick, Mean Girls. Now what is deeply fascinating is how closely it mirrors real life itself when it comes to everyone’s obsession with the online world, especially social media. Let’s face it, how many of us have ever gone on social media, seen how many ‘likes’, ‘shares’, and ‘followers’ we’ve got and tried to match it to someone else just so as to increase our own feeling of self-worth. Many of us are guilty of that and that’s something that gets poked fun at.
Another cultural reference that pointed out is our usage of emojis every time we seem to go online
As an avid fan of the dance music genre, every time I hear Real Life I always find myself going through the song bit by bit and trying to find something new about it. Another thing that makes the track is the vocals by Naations singer Nat Dunn as there seems to be fewer female singers in the dance genre than there are men