Graham Norton/Elbow

Just been listening to the new song by British Indie band, Elbow; White Noise/White Heat. Now I haven’t heard anything from these guys in so long I did begin to think if they were ever going to resurface again. Thankfully they have and this is the result. Definitely worth the wait. White Noise/White Heat is an amazing song and front-man, Guy Harvey, vocal abilities are as incredible as ever. A legend of a front-man, truly incredible in every sense of the word. The sound of the music itself had an epic feel to it giving it more body, music wise. Not long finished watching their performance and I liked how the screen went back and forth between colour and black and white, in some ways it made the performance more interesting and eye-catching to watch. Elbow’s new song is from their new album Giants of all Sizes. If the album is anything like as good as their new song them I’m getting my hands on a copy as soon as

Also on the sofa was American actress, Rene Zellweger, British comic legend Lenny Henry, the other half of Wham, Andrew Ridgely and documentary maker Louis Theroux providing gossip, laughs and banter as well as discussing upcoming projects