Niall Horan on The Graham Norton Show

The Irish cheeky chappie was back on The Graham Norton Show tonight on BBC1. No, not Graham but Niall Horan from One Direction. Anyways Niall performed his new single Too Much To Ask, and I have admit as melodic as it sounds and as soothing as a voice he may have I’m not much of a fan. I openly admit the song’s not bad but it’s not something that I’ll be rushing to download or buy anytime soon. For me, it’s as if Niall’s trying to be James Morrison and he isn’t quite pulling it off, though I’ll give him credit for trying. There’s also some friendly banter between Colin Farrell, Bryan Cranston Matt Lucas, Nicole Kidman and Jane Fonda. Also Jan reveals some insight behind that infamous police mug-shoot. Apparently the White House had a hand in it. Bet you probably weren’t aware of that were you.?

Liam Payne on The Graham Norton Show

Finished watching former (and I say former) One Direction singer Liam Payne perform his solo single Strip That Down on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1. I admit, it’s a good song and with a good intro and Liam’s got a certain solo charm about him, though I’ll have to tell the truth and admit I’m not really into it. Both Liam and the song. I mean it’s a good effort as  it’s not for me. The only good thing I’ll say about tonight’s performance is that he’s dances in-sync with the backing dancers. Salma Hayek and David Walliams are both a good laugh as always.

Niall Horan on The Graham Norton Show

Finished watching Niall Horan, formerly of One Direction from his debut single This Town on The Graham Norton Show and considering that a pop-band this new song of his is surprisingly different and didn’t sound that bad. A nice sounding acoustic soul number with a small bit of Irish influence in it. Unfortunately as good as I found if I’m afraid I won’t be rushing to download the single anytime soon. I know I’m probably being biased here as I wasn’t a fan of One Direction but I don’t approve of anything that’s a product of the Walsh/Cowell machine either and every time I see Niall I just end up thinking of that band.

Billboard Music Awards 2016: The results

The winners of the Billboards were announced as you will no doubt have heard. Some of the lucky recipients were; Rihanna who took home an award for Billboard Chart Achievement Award, courtesy of the fan-vote; The Weeknd won one for his song “The Hills”; Justin Bieber received an award for Top Male Artist, which is rather surprising in my opinion considering how he’s only been back in the charts for what seems like merely a year, (and spending at the last 1-2 behaving like a total pillock. Like I said; my own opinion); Thomas Rhett for his country song “Die a Happy Man”; and One Direction received an award for Top Duo/Group. Adele managed to scoop 5 awards, one for Top Female Artist and another for her album 25. If there was ever an example of Best of British, it’s clearly Adele. The Weeeknd was the clear winner of the night taking home 8 awards. Good for him. I admit I do like some of his music. Lastly the Queen of Pop, Madonna, paid tribute to the late singer, Prince, by singing the hit song ‘Nothing Compare 2U’