Alison Moyet on The Graham Norton Show

Currently watching iconic 80’s singer Alison Moyet (remember Only You and All Cried Out?, ask your mum) perform her latest single The Rarest Birds right now on the Graham Norton Show on BBC1. Andy Serkis introduced her in his Gollum way. Seriously now, I’m completely hooked  and Alison’s got one hell of voice on her that’s simply haunting. Sounds vaguely David Bowie-ish and has a weird sort of power-rock ballad-fell to it. The Rarest Birds actually sounds quite good as a single and Ms Moyet hits all the high notes. Woody Harrelson provided some laughs and joked that he comes over to the UK so often he feels like an ex-pat. Aww, thanks Woody, didn’t know you felt that way. Oh, and he’s also in the new Planet Of The Apes movie

Jack Savoretti on The Graham Norton Show

Watching Jack Savoretti perform his latest single, ‘Only You’, before the audience on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1, and I’ve completely fallen under this guy’s musical spell. This guy’s got an amazing voice which sounds a little bit throaty but when you’ve got a voice like his who actually cares. Lyric-wise the song is incredible to say the least, completely soothing and packed with folk. This new song is from his latest album Sleep No More.