Tom Chaplin on The Graham Norton Show

Been watching Tom Chaplin, he of Keane fame, singing his newest single Midnight Mass on Graham Norton on BBC1, and I openly admit it wasn’t all that bad listening. Now I have to admit that I didn’t actually recognise him at first co’s of image change. The performance itself was quite good as it was stripped back and though there were some musicians the main bits were between him and the pianist. To some degree his song sounds quite to listen to but it didn’t quite hit the high-notes that he could’ve done which is a shame co’s if you’ve ever heard his past material he’s actually capable of doing so. Non-the-less he’s got a really nice, soothing voice and melodic vocal tones which fit the mood of the song. Anyways, all that can be said now is Merry Christmas

Noel Gallagher on The Graham Norton Show

This was from a performance, last week, by the better (in my view) Gallagher brother Noel, courtesy of his new band High Flying Birds on BBC1. Noel was performing his latest single ‘Holy Mountain’ and I have to admit I liked it within the first few seconds. Fresh, original, upbeat not to mention it’s quite vibrant to but there’s also something a bit 70’s rock to it as well which gives it just that little bit extra. Let’s not forget it’s testament to his ability as a superb songwriter. If the rest of the album sounds anything like this song does alone, I’m definitely getting the album

Also on the sofa with funny-woman Dawn French and funny-man, and Tenacious D singer Jack Black and Dwayne Johnson (The Rock). And yes plenty of laughs followed, but then again add Dawn and Jack it’s all laughs ahoy from there onwards.

Kesha on The Graham Norton Show

Saw Kesha perform her latest single on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 last week, Learn To Let Go, which I have to admit was actually quite good. It sounded quite melodic and just that little bit different to what she’s in the past. As always Kesha’s voice sounds as energetic as it does soothing, unless you could put it down to just that one particular song. Now I openly admit that I’m not really into her sort of music but that’s not to say I don’t enjoy her voice.

Also it was quite entertaining watching new Strictly judge Shirley Ballas perform a small dance routine with comic actor Will Ferrell. Seriously, they’ve both got the moves.

Liam Gallagher on The Graham Norton Show

Currently watching Liam Gallagher perform his new single, For What it’s Worth, on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 right now, and it actually sounds really good. I admit I’ve always been Team Noel when it came to the Gallagher brothers but Liam has come out with some good songs over the past couple of year, and For What it’s Worth is great listening pleasure. I could happily listen to this song a few more times over. Also there’s some great banter between Idris Elba, Chris Rock and Kate Winslet and apparently it’s the 20th anniversary. of the hit film Titanic. Don’t time fly by.

Royal Blood review: Out Of The Black

A review I did of Royal Blood single Out Of The Black for Tunes Trends & Threads a while back.



New Song Royal Blood – Out of the Black. For a track that’s around 4 minutes long I was hooked in no less than 30 seconds into new single, ‘Out of the Black …



Gregory Porter on The Graham Norton Show

Currently watching American artist Gregory Porter sing his latest single Holding On, from his new album Take Me To The Alley, on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1 at the moment, and it’s actually quite good. A nice mixture of soul and jazz. It’s got a smoothing, soulful intro and Gregory’s just got the right voice for this type of song. He’s a bit similar to soul legend Stevie Wonder. As an artist he’s got that amazing soothing voice that just gets you. And yes he was wearing that ironic hat of his, how long’s he been wearing that for now?


Also they showed a small clip as a tribute to late Carrie Fisher from when she was last on.


Katie Melua on The Graham Norton Show

Just watching Katie Melua perform her new single ‘The Little Swallow’ with The Gori Women’s Choir on BBC1 at the moment. Granted it starts off on a slow pace before Katie’s voice gradually seeps through, ironically it doesn’t so much as cut through and dominate the other voices but just goes alongside them. A very gospel performance and surprisingly short. The singe’s from her new album In Winter. Though she’s got a great voice can’t say I thought that much of it I’m afraid.

And everyone posed for a selfie, courtesy of Hollywood legend Will Smith at the end.


BBC Music Awards 2016

If you’ve been watching the BBC Music Awards 2016 tonight on BBC1 tonight hopefully you had a great night, 1 and a half hours of musical bliss and live performances from several amazing artists. The winners of this years awards are

BBC Music British Artist of the Year: Coldplay

Radio 2’s Album of the Year: Adele, 25

BBC Music  Introducing Artist of the Year: Izzy Bizu

Radio 1 Live Lounge Performance of the year: The 1975 ( One Direction cover ‘What Makes You Beautiful)

BBC Song of the Year: Hello

Congratulations to all those who won. Other live performances during the night were Zara Larrson, Emile Sande, Izzy Bizu, Coldplay, Kaiser Chiefs, Lucas Graham and Craig David. The musical genius that is otherwise Robbie Williams stole the show with his amazing performance.


Listen To This…. Vektrill


This new trio, hailing all the way from Worthing, are probably going to be one of the biggest and amazing band’s you have ever heard of yet. For anyone who likes their progressive rock and electronic sounds with an almost tenor like range you won’t be disappointed. With fresh new songs, such as The Grey, I’ll Never Die and Cyborg these guys are practically rejuvenating the rock genre.

So, how you guys first get together as a band?
Well I (Scott) had a couple acoustic tracks that I wanted to record with some percussion.
I found out about Jordan through a friend and haven’t regretted playing with him since. This was back in, like, January 2014. After plowing through Worthing’s back catalogue of bassists, we ended up landing Carlos who was in another band at the time but loved the energy we portrayed… or something like that lol. We’ve been with him 1 and a half years now. I think we’ve settled ha-ha!
How would you describe yourselves as a band?
Erm… weird? Ha-ha. Well we love to put on a performance and wish we had all the time in the world to just write and play music. When we write we become hermits but when it’s time to play we like to play loud and proud. We like to have a lot of fun but also stay focused and true to the end game.
….. How did you style of music come about?
Through a need to reject and revolt against the puppets of corruption and their handlers, perhaps the overwhelming hidden forces that make everything rotten in life? Ha-ha jk… maybe, but we’re influenced by Several sounds that we try to combine. Crescendos from classical music, the sounds of rock from the 60’s/70’s like Hendrix and his fuzz face, all the way up to the modern, more electronic, stuff. Dust that off with a heavier sort of ‘doom metal’ edge and I think that’s what we’ve got lol
In terms of song-writing it easy putting different ideas out there?
Sometimes, I mean it’s great fun when you write something that has a fresh tone to it and people say ‘ hey I really like that new track, it’s got something I’ve not heard before and I like it!’ But with the good there’s always the bad. We’ve written and re-written many songs time and time again to get them right. Sometimes an idea can just be too whacky, or a meld of two different sounds just becomes painful to listen to.
Now the name VeKtrill, how did that come about?
Ha-ha through a rigorous process of elimination! We’ve been through an arm’s length of band names. With each name came a slightly different image and sound. This one came through a need of something completely original and different so we were like ‘shall we invent a word?’ We started with Vektrillian and figured this to be too long and a bit ‘lizard people’. So, we shortened it to VEKTRILL and came up with a meaning, which is ‘a scale in which to measure a beings understanding of the control imposed upon them’.
How was your last gig?
Our last gig was a little winter warmer in our home town of Worthing which was a nice conclusion to our two mini uk tours for our singles this year. We played our local music venue ‘Bar 42’. It’s always a great night at bar 42! The sound is top notch and we had some top bands down!
….. and where would be your dream gig?
Like on a gigantic space station with the artificial gravity turned off! Imagine the way the sound would move and reverberate in that!
Failing that there’s always Headlining the pyramid stage of Glastonbury!
How would you describe life on tour?
It’s life we wanna live ha-ha, literally no better feeling than playing a show every night in a different place!
Unless you’ve already done so would you ever play some gigs abroad?
Again, that’s the dream! Just hit the interstellar highway and play some music!
Describe your dream tour
Hmm 72 and 1/4 years long, just circling the globe, perhaps hitting up the moon or mars a couple of times, just writing new stuff, experimenting with sounds and playing the classics of course!
Have you had any songs played on the radio yet?
We have indeed! Worldwide in fact! All of our recorded tracks bar one have been played. The most popular track is ‘I’ll never die’, our first single of this year but the one that was played worldwide simultaneously was ‘the grey’ which was the second single of this year.
Final question now, where would fans be able to find more of your music?
Well you can hit up our website which details of upcoming gigs, current and old videos, bio, social media links and everything Vektrill! You can also interact with us on twitter – @vektrill or Facebook – and even Instagram! Or even head to a gig we’re playing and have a chat after the show!