Acoustic Night @The Vic Inn, Derby 15/9/2014


Jake Manning

Phil Matthews

Phil Matthews

It was a game of two halves at The Vic last night as there was music from two acoustic artists, courtesy of Dodgy Strawberry Promotions. Before the sessions began I was informed that there was supposed to be a third person on the bill who never showed up. Armed with a guitar and some jokes Phil Matthews got the crowd going.During his set he told numerous stories about growing up in Liverpool in the 60’s and covered a couple of their hits including ‘Hard Days’ Night’ as well as some material of his own. This guy was really good and had a soothing voice. Now don’t let the name, Jake Manning, deceive you into thinking it’s a solo artist, this Lecister-based four-piece band played some soothing melodic music, though only three made it on the night. What really struck me during their set was the amount of raw emotion in the lyrics and singing, these guys were good. Jokes about sausages being their inspiration, also there was food being served on the night. Thank you staff of The Vic Inn, that filled a hole. . The Manning band ended their set with a song called ‘Don’t Let The Devil Take Your Blues’ before ending the night on some sausage and potatoes, yummy.

Acoustic Night @The Vic Inn, Derby 16/6/2014

Raj Baba

Will Jefferies

David Young

Brains For Breakfast

Andy & Loz

Dan Salt

Linda Love

Arriving at The Vic Inn, just opposite the train station, the local well known music venue played host to an acoustic evening session most of whom were local and one lovely lass hailing all the way up from Scotland. It was Linda Love’s first performance since going solo from her band and our wee Scottish lass  gave a heartfelt performance and her lyrics and voice demonstrated much passion and emotion. The first and only duo of the evening Andy & Loz managed to keep everyone entertained with their slot with their smooth performance with a mix of both original material and covered songs like James’s ‘Sit Down’ and Elvis’s ‘Suspicious Minds. Some good stuff there.

Now what was intriguing was that next three artists who were doing their own solo performances were also a band Dan Salt, David Young and Andy Webster a.k.a Brains For Breakfast, and they were good. Will Jefferies is completely addictive listening with a mix of retro, jazz and soul music with some acoustics thrown in.Raj Baba took to the stage and played the rest of the night away with a really good acoustic set and own original material. Everyone in the crowd really took to Raj and even I found him impressive and this was the first time I have ever seen him perform and wouldn’t mind seeing his live again.

Further pictures from the night

 All words and photos by Adam J Humphreys