Years & Years on The Graham Norton Show

Olly and his band band are back after three years with their new single If You’re Over MeĀ and it has has upbeat feel to it, sounds quite chirpy to. I’ll be openly honest about it and say that I wasn’t overly impressed by it as I prefer his earlier work such as Desire and King Under Your Control. The performance itself wasn’t too bad as it was basically Olly singing and dancing with 5-6 backing dancers and his choice of dress was a bit intriguing. Black and yellow. As an artist he’s got a really good voice and wide vocal range and it suits his style of music. Unfortunately I won’t joining the masses to download this track anytime soon.

Also on the sofa was the entire cast of the hit Ocean’s 8 which was a laugh and minute. Seriously, it was. If they weren’t laughing they were talking, more than Graham I think.

Olly Murs on The Graham Norton Show

Currently watching former X-Factor singer Olly Murs sing his latest track ‘Years and Years’, and it’s not all that bad and I’ll admit Olly’s got a good voice for the song. The song however doesn’t really appeal to me though it does sound upbeat. Nice light display during the performance and the backing singers seem quite good. Sadly I won’t be rushing to get the single anytime soon. The song from his from his new album 24 Hours