The Singles Review

Maroon 5

“This Summer’s Gonna Hurt…”

This is one amazing single and is one of the reasons why you remember why you loved Maroon 5 and after the first few seconds you’re already hooked and that’s before the first lyric. Very catchy and upbeat song and after more than a decade in music this band’s music just gets better and better and Adam Levine’s vocals are absolutely fantastic. This is definitely one for the summer playlist and one you can help but love. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing ‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt’ from the top of your voice.


“Whisky Story”

One full on energised tune, just incredible listening and you’re going to want to listen again and again. Example’s vocal are as amazing as ever and is a reminder why he’s an amazing artist in the British music scene and is just sheer proof that he just seems to get better and better. If you thought ‘Change the Way Kiss Me’, ‘Looking for Love’ were amazing then ‘Whisky Song is a move in another direction. Just stick this one your playlist and be amazed by what you hear.

TS7 ft Taylor Fowlis


This northern lass has got one of the most haunting yet soulful voice that you’re going to hear in a while, and even the bass is just spot on. The song itself is brilliant and the first lyric ‘Couldn’t escape if I wanted to’ is catchy. All the way from Liverpool and yet still unknown to many this woman’s got a catchy dance/R&B track that’s just too good to ignore. Just listen and after the first 15 seconds it wouldn’t at all be surprising if you hit the repeat button on this one.

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