The Singles Review

Planet Funk

The Switch

This came out way back in 2003 and is roughly 3 minutes 14 seconds long and is by Italian group Planet Funk, though the vocals are performed by British singer Dan Black. It starts off on a relatively slow build before gathering momentum. Dan’s vocal’s alone help make the record and just seem to weave in and out throughout the record. As a standalone dance record it’s actually not all that bad.


SG Lewis

Meant To Be

Came out last year and is amazing. Fresh new song from fresh-faced British DJ/Producer SG Lewis. The song is a great dance track in its own right with a smooth intro, SG’s vocals just weave in and out throughout the track effortlessly . The lyric ‘But if it’s meant to be, It’s meant to be’ just seems to go round and round your head.


Kygo Ft Kodaline


This came out last year and was produced by Norwegian DJ/Producer Kygo with Irish rock band Kodaline on vocal duties. The song is a perfect blend of folk, electronic and rock the line ‘We’ve got a wild love raging, raging’ just oscillate during the song. Thankfully all four members of Kodaline a great vocalists as they just sound great. The song ends quite nicely on Steve Garrigan’s vocals.

The Singles Review

Alex Adair
“Make Me Feel Better”
No actual explanation need for this other than it’s an amazing dance tune and was released in March 2015 and still sounds great now. This is one of those songs that could easily go into your summer playlist and you’d probably not get bored of it. The video itself was made in L.A and features 3 young women dancing in front of an ever-changing screen in various locations.
“Toi Et Moi”
This was released this year and is by French duo Paradis, is 3 minutes 42 seconds long and is sung entirely in French. It’s actually quite a good dance track which has an good ambient sound to it. The video to this uses red lighting and shows people dancing including the duo, Paradis, themselves performing in a disco setting. It’s a perfect mix of dance and ambient.
“Alors On Danse” (Eng tran: Then We Dance)
Originally released in 2009 by Rwandan/Belgian artist/producer Stromae, is a great dance track that’s just under 4 minutes and is sung entirely in Belgian. The song itself is great and the video is done a in single-person perspective; it basically begins with a man who finishes work and goes out to forget his problems, ends up in a bar, sing before a crowd before passing out and is dragged back to work.


The Singles Review

KDA ft Tinashe

‘Just Say’

Sounds completely fresh and another one to listen to either in your room or on the road. Tinashe’s voice is soft and melodic and provides the hook all the way through. The lines ‘Just say that you need me’ and ‘Just say that you love me’ just goes round your head. Fresh and original, I can definitely see this doing well. KDA and Tinashe are amazing new artists waiting to be heard.

Twin Atlantic

‘Heart and Soul’

3 minutes 48 seconds and completely rocking. Fantastic track from the Scottish lads, courtesy of Sam McTrusty’s superb vocals and Barry McKenna’s backing. Excellent guitar riffs with some bagpipes in the background giving the track a good, steady build-up. Just another reminder of their musical genius, and why they’re one of Scotland’s best bands yet

Vic Mensa

‘Down on my luck’

Now this is one amazing track by new artist Vic Mensa. The track itself starts off a bit like background music before gradually building up and Vic’s voice just cuts straight through and suddenly you’ve got this beautiful dance track. Down on my luck sounds like something you’ve probably not heard of before and is a fresh new sound. Quite simply brilliant.

The Singles Review

Pussy Riot

‘Punk Prayer “Virgin Mary, Put Putin Away”

A decent track by the infamous Russian all-female punk group, Pussy Riot, which incidentally is also the one that made the headlines/news a couple of years back with its video. The song itself is a nice combo of church choir music infused with aggressive and energetic punk with some full-on lyrics. In a way it’s a reminder of what punk was like in its heyday. Lastly if you don’t mind strong language then you might like this the s-bomb’s dropped a few times. It’s only two minutes long and isn’t actually that bad.


Cassius (ft Ryan Tedder & JAW)

‘The Missing’

This is quite a good dance track at its best and being only 3 minutes 47 seconds long its not all that bad. There’s a line ‘Makes sense baby’ which circulates quite a bit throughout and gets you hooked in, also Ryan Tedder’s voice is well suited to this which cuts straight through some of the backbeat. The video for this track to this is looks like a photography/film set combined with lots of people kissing/snogging all the way throughout.


You Me At Six

‘Night People’

Another serving from the lads and it sounds a little bit different from other stuff that they’ve done previously, it’s 3 minutes 6 seconds long. I wouldn’t say it’s altogether fantastic but it’s different at least and Josh makes good use of his vocal range, pushing it out a bit. If you’ve ever seen the video you’d be left wondering just how much they’ve taken after White Stripe’s Seven Nation Army as it’s a practical dead-ringer, but having said that it looks alternative.




The Singles Review

The Last Shadow Puppets

“Bad Habits”

An amazing hit tune courtesy of Alex Turner’s (Arctic Monkeys), Miles Kane’s, James Ford’s and Zach Dawes’s super group . Incredible rock tune and just can’t get enough of it and is yet another reason why these five lads are worthy of your playlist this year alone. The lyrics are catchy and the song itself is both addictive and a joy to listen to. I absolutely love this.

The Pink Slips

“Foxy Feline”

Direct from Seattle, this band have one fully energised song that can prove to be addictive listening. For anyone who likes their power/punk rock this is one for you. With the repetitive She’s a femme fatale, she’s a foxy feline, she’s a femme fatale, she’s a foxy feline going round your head a few times you’ll understand why this can be some seriously addictive listening pleasure. I’ve seen the video to this on YouTube and if the video doesn’t get your fancy, chances are the song will.

Lower Than Atlantis

“Get Over It”

For anyone who’s a fan of Brit rock and happens to love these guys get this one on your playlist now. I’ve heard this song a few times and it’s reassured my love of this band. The song is both captivating and raw and the lyrics are great. Get over this song and time soon…. I think not.



The Singles Review

Maroon 5

“This Summer’s Gonna Hurt…”

This is one amazing single and is one of the reasons why you remember why you loved Maroon 5 and after the first few seconds you’re already hooked and that’s before the first lyric. Very catchy and upbeat song and after more than a decade in music this band’s music just gets better and better and Adam Levine’s vocals are absolutely fantastic. This is definitely one for the summer playlist and one you can help but love. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself singing ‘This Summer’s Gonna Hurt’ from the top of your voice.


“Whisky Story”

One full on energised tune, just incredible listening and you’re going to want to listen again and again. Example’s vocal are as amazing as ever and is a reminder why he’s an amazing artist in the British music scene and is just sheer proof that he just seems to get better and better. If you thought ‘Change the Way Kiss Me’, ‘Looking for Love’ were amazing then ‘Whisky Song is a move in another direction. Just stick this one your playlist and be amazed by what you hear.

TS7 ft Taylor Fowlis


This northern lass has got one of the most haunting yet soulful voice that you’re going to hear in a while, and even the bass is just spot on. The song itself is brilliant and the first lyric ‘Couldn’t escape if I wanted to’ is catchy. All the way from Liverpool and yet still unknown to many this woman’s got a catchy dance/R&B track that’s just too good to ignore. Just listen and after the first 15 seconds it wouldn’t at all be surprising if you hit the repeat button on this one.