The Singles Review

Alex Adair
“Make Me Feel Better”
No actual explanation need for this other than it’s an amazing dance tune and was released in March 2015 and still sounds great now. This is one of those songs that could easily go into your summer playlist and you’d probably not get bored of it. The video itself was made in L.A and features 3 young women dancing in front of an ever-changing screen in various locations.
“Toi Et Moi”
This was released this year and is by French duo Paradis, is 3 minutes 42 seconds long and is sung entirely in French. It’s actually quite a good dance track which has an good ambient sound to it. The video to this uses red lighting and shows people dancing including the duo, Paradis, themselves performing in a disco setting. It’s a perfect mix of dance and ambient.
“Alors On Danse” (Eng tran: Then We Dance)
Originally released in 2009 by Rwandan/Belgian artist/producer Stromae, is a great dance track that’s just under 4 minutes and is sung entirely in Belgian. The song itself is great and the video is done a in single-person perspective; it basically begins with a man who finishes work and goes out to forget his problems, ends up in a bar, sing before a crowd before passing out and is dragged back to work.