The Singles Review

The Last Shadow Puppets

“Bad Habits”

An amazing hit tune courtesy of Alex Turner’s (Arctic Monkeys), Miles Kane’s, James Ford’s and Zach Dawes’s super group . Incredible rock tune and just can’t get enough of it and is yet another reason why these five lads are worthy of your playlist this year alone. The lyrics are catchy and the song itself is both addictive and a joy to listen to. I absolutely love this.

The Pink Slips

“Foxy Feline”

Direct from Seattle, this band have one fully energised song that can prove to be addictive listening. For anyone who likes their power/punk rock this is one for you. With the repetitive She’s a femme fatale, she’s a foxy feline, she’s a femme fatale, she’s a foxy feline going round your head a few times you’ll understand why this can be some seriously addictive listening pleasure. I’ve seen the video to this on YouTube and if the video doesn’t get your fancy, chances are the song will.

Lower Than Atlantis

“Get Over It”

For anyone who’s a fan of Brit rock and happens to love these guys get this one on your playlist now. I’ve heard this song a few times and it’s reassured my love of this band. The song is both captivating and raw and the lyrics are great. Get over this song and time soon…. I think not.



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