The Singles Review

Pussy Riot

‘Punk Prayer “Virgin Mary, Put Putin Away”

A decent track by the infamous Russian all-female punk group, Pussy Riot, which incidentally is also the one that made the headlines/news a couple of years back with its video. The song itself is a nice combo of church choir music infused with aggressive and energetic punk with some full-on lyrics. In a way it’s a reminder of what punk was like in its heyday. Lastly if you don’t mind strong language then you might like this the s-bomb’s dropped a few times. It’s only two minutes long and isn’t actually that bad.


Cassius (ft Ryan Tedder & JAW)

‘The Missing’

This is quite a good dance track at its best and being only 3 minutes 47 seconds long its not all that bad. There’s a line ‘Makes sense baby’ which circulates quite a bit throughout and gets you hooked in, also Ryan Tedder’s voice is well suited to this which cuts straight through some of the backbeat. The video for this track to this is looks like a photography/film set combined with lots of people kissing/snogging all the way throughout.


You Me At Six

‘Night People’

Another serving from the lads and it sounds a little bit different from other stuff that they’ve done previously, it’s 3 minutes 6 seconds long. I wouldn’t say it’s altogether fantastic but it’s different at least and Josh makes good use of his vocal range, pushing it out a bit. If you’ve ever seen the video you’d be left wondering just how much they’ve taken after White Stripe’s Seven Nation Army as it’s a practical dead-ringer, but having said that it looks alternative.




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