In The Spotlight: Vic Mensa – Down on my Luck

Now this record came out ages ago but is still, in my opinion, an amazing dance/hip hop record, with a mixing of deep house. Down on my Luck came out in 2014 and even though it didn’t do spectacularly well it still received quite a lot of airplay on various mainstream radio stations such as Capital and Radio 1. Continuing on that note though I’m surprised it didn’t stick around for just that bit longer as with the right amount of enthusiasm it could’ve got even higher. It’s one of those tracks where even though it lacked in one element it certainly made up for it in another.
Song-wise, the lyrics don’t seem to match what’s happening in the video, also they contain references to Hollywood culture.

If you’ve ever seen the video it actually has its moments in terms of comedy and scenarios, also it includes moments time rewinding. In the video there’s a girl who he notices and tries to make his way to her and in doing so ends up in various scenarios including being punched in the face, being stopped for a selfie. At one point in the video he’s vomited on by a girl and run over by a vehicle.

By the time you’ve got to the end of the video he’s outside of the club having a smoke whilst walking away. Lyrically the chorus acts as a sort of hook and just seems to go around and round, “When I get down on my luck I hide behind my eyes in Hollywood”. The song itself ends in with a sort of in-your-face style ending as it’s kind of a ‘screw you’ type of statement “Cause they told you to, why you listen to ’em Hands up, middle finger ’em Fuck that get down”.
If you ever get the chance to, watch the video cause even if you don’t quite get what’s going on the antics are to some degree laughable.

The Singles Review

KDA ft Tinashe

‘Just Say’

Sounds completely fresh and another one to listen to either in your room or on the road. Tinashe’s voice is soft and melodic and provides the hook all the way through. The lines ‘Just say that you need me’ and ‘Just say that you love me’ just goes round your head. Fresh and original, I can definitely see this doing well. KDA and Tinashe are amazing new artists waiting to be heard.

Twin Atlantic

‘Heart and Soul’

3 minutes 48 seconds and completely rocking. Fantastic track from the Scottish lads, courtesy of Sam McTrusty’s superb vocals and Barry McKenna’s backing. Excellent guitar riffs with some bagpipes in the background giving the track a good, steady build-up. Just another reminder of their musical genius, and why they’re one of Scotland’s best bands yet

Vic Mensa

‘Down on my luck’

Now this is one amazing track by new artist Vic Mensa. The track itself starts off a bit like background music before gradually building up and Vic’s voice just cuts straight through and suddenly you’ve got this beautiful dance track. Down on my luck sounds like something you’ve probably not heard of before and is a fresh new sound. Quite simply brilliant.