WhatsOn: Beyoncé dominates MTV Award Nominations

This was written in the run up to the MTV Awards in the U.S on the 28th August. To all those who have been nominated and to all those who will also be in attendance have a great night. Have a great night America. Good luck Adele, all the way from the UK


Global superstar leads the way in the MTV Awards with an astounding 11 nominations, though

The Singles Review

Alice Russell
“Got The Hunger” (Tiklah Remix)

Heard in the latest coffee advert, Nescafe Azera – the one where the woman makes a hot beverage then walks through the (London) city with a camera in the early hours and photographs the cityscape whilst the sun rises. Now I only heard this once via the advert and just fell in love with it instantly (pardon the pun). One very smooth, soulful track and I just love the woman’s voice as it’s just so melodic and captivating. The ‘Got The Hunger’ lyrics just circulates around your ears as you’re listening and just seems to echo in a soothing way. Look it up on YouTube, you may find yourself liking it.

 Mr. Scruff

“Get A Move On”

Used in the recent B&Q Kitchen Jump In advert. The one with woman who jumps through a tablet looking for the perfect kitchen and eventually gets it, along with the perfect guy to. I openly admit I’ve got a soft spot for jazzy music so I quite this track, it sounds like it’s from the retro years and has been completely revamped and sounds amazing. The video accompanying this track is a 3 minute 25-second-long video with basic animation but is defo good viewing. For me this song is quite upbeat and has got a nice American style vocal sewn in with a rhythmic backbeat. Even if you’re not completely into jazz give it a try, I dare you.


“Cake by The Ocean”

Joe Jonas’s new group since the split from his brother band and I admit it, I’m not a huge fan of the Jonas Brothers but I definitely didn’t see Joe putting this single out, it is seriously catchy. Very upbeat and probably one for the summer playlist and is just energetic listening. I saw Dnce perform this live on Graham Norton’s chat show, that was just over three minutes of my time actually not wasted. If there was ever proof that he’s veering away from his brother’s, this song’s it. The video accompanying this song both good, and a bit amusing; just Dnce performing whilst people grab chunks out of a huge wedge of cake then getting into a food fight. What you may or may not have known is that the song’s about sex on the beach. Joe Jonas, I think I may be seeing a completely different side to you.