Elton John to arrange meeting with Putin

A small article I did for WhatsOn to do the with Elton John wanting to meet up with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss LGBT issues in Russia. In my honest opinion, I don’t know why he’s even bothering.


Elton John wants to meet up with Vladimir Putin to discuss LGBT rights in Russia on how they can improve.



Elton John and Bright Light Bright Light on Graham Norton

Just been watching Elton John and Rod Thomas a.k.a Bright Light Bright Light perform their new single ‘All In The Name’ on the Graham Norton Show on BBC1. Not quite my thing in musical tastes but is wasn’t too bad a single. Apparently the guy (Rod) is Welsh, which is something I’ve partially got in common with him. Me being half Welsh. I’m going to give him 8 1/2 for his singing and musical ability but a 3 (out of 10) for the song performed. Sorry but I just didn’t really dig that particular track.