Derbyshire Pride 2018

derbypride4Crowds gathered in their masses on Saturday the 8th September for the annual Derbyshire Pride event and it was an occasion that just wasn’t to be missed. Hundreds of people gathered on Curzon Street for an all-day party which wasn’t just about celebrating the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community, it was about the people of Derby and Derbyshire celebrating differences. As was also traditional was the Great British weather, cos let’s face it the weather doesn’t know what it’s doing from one moment to the next.

Many organisations came together to help celebrate the day, the LGBT+ community and its allies and reminded everyone that the special day was about inclusivity to everyone, from all walks of life. The message couldn’t be any clearer; it doesn’t matter who you are be it your sexuality, gender, disability, race or ethnicity we are one big community and that’s what should be celebrated.

Hosting duties were taken by Galaxy Radio’s Soraya Vivian and Derby’s own Trudy Knight and Miss Davinia

Several performers helped put on an amazing show, drag Queens, DJ’s, singers and even tribute acts including Mizz Pink, Livin Joy, Danny Beard and Kirby Frost. Also making an appearance were Ross Alexander, members of Studio Storm Fitness, Sweet Female Attitude. Also making an appearance were stars of Channel 4’s Gogglebox and The Property Boyz derbypride14derbypride6  Derbyshire Police, ambulance crew and the local fire services came down to offer their support along with other organisations such as The Samaritans and members of the Derbyshire LGBT+ Network and many more. Even special hair and make-up treatments were available.

The event stared with the annual parade which began on St Peter’s Churchyard which began at 11:15 am and went on till 12pm and ended at Curzon Street which is where the celebrations continued. The party went on till 3am at The Crown Inn, which isn’t just an LGBT+ venue, but also one of Derbyshire Pride’s sponsors as well.    derbypride11  Looking forward to Derbyshire Pride 2019.


America’s Hate Preachers: On BBC3

This is a documentary I watched via the BBC iPlayer on TV a couple of weeks back and I was disgusted by what I saw. The only thoughts I can use to describe this are that it’s absolutely shaming that these people depicted in the documentary are even allowed to go out onto the streets, let alone preach their toxic, bigoted views at sermons. In one part of the documentary one of the so-called ‘messengers of the lord’ claims that the people who were killed at the Bataclan massacre had it coming because they were listening to death metal; “there’s something about when you go to a concert of death metal somebody might get killed”, even claiming that if you’re a fan of death metal you’re somehow worshiping both death and Satan. Seriously, what a load of complete rubbish. This very same man and others like him take to the streets to preach hate about the LGBT communities claiming that they’re disgusting people and even harass them at given opportunities. A group of them launched verbal attacks during a Pride march. During the documentary one of them attacks Islam and harasses American Muslims, racially abusing them calling them terrorists, like they’ve not got enough rubbish to deal with already. What I find annoying about this is that they claim that they’re practising their right to free-speech. As many others would tell you that when you use free-speech to attack minority groups it isn’t actually free-speech but hate-speech. You’re attacking them and in doing so encouraging others to do the same. I’m saying this openly both as a gay man and supporter of the LGBT community that these sort of people don’t need to be so much as challenged but stopped from spreading their hateful, toxic rhetoric. For me, I’ve always thought of America (and Canada) as land of the free where people can be who they truly are, but with these bigots spewing their hate-filled messages that’s not the case. Until authorities can actually learn the difference between free-speech and hate-speech many of these problems won’t be going away and things won’t be getting any better for minority groups anytime soon.

The Rise of LGBT Athletes in Sports

A small article I did for WhatsOn magazine. In two recent articles Team GB is said to have showed more support for LGBT athletes over the past decade or so than any other and that we had at least 44 openly LGBT athletes at the recent Olympic Games in Rio. Overall I think this is an amazing achievement in the sporting world and definitely shows an increase in role models for the LGBT community with people such as Tom Daley, Nicola Adams, Tom Bosworth and Helen Richardson-Walsh
Has representation of the LGBT community in sport increased as more athletes come out all over the world in support?



Massacre at LGBT nightclub in Orlando

This is an article I did for WhatsOn in response to the horrifying homophobic shooting at the Pulse nightclub in June, and I say homophobic because that’s what it was. And I say this as unashamedly as a member of the LGBT community, to all those affected by the ordeal you have my full love and sympathy. If you’re living in America or Canada feel free to Like and Share this article.
There will be no doubt you’ve all heard about the massacre at Pulse gay club in the state of Orlando, Florida, which has left the region in a state of shock and …





Elton John to arrange meeting with Putin

A small article I did for WhatsOn to do the with Elton John wanting to meet up with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss LGBT issues in Russia. In my honest opinion, I don’t know why he’s even bothering.
Elton John wants to meet up with Vladimir Putin to discuss LGBT rights in Russia on how they can improve.