MacMillan Fest 2016@ various venues, Nottingham 3/9/16

The annual event known as MacMillan Fest returned for another year and both Rock City and Rescue Rooms played host to event this year. With 67 acts on the bill the event organisers have pulled out all the stops to make this the best event to date yet. MacMillan Fest is organised by IKE Promotions, courtesy of its head organiser, Kris Davis. The event attracts big names every year to headline its festivals.

This years’ main headlining acts consisted of Seafret and Sikth, whom individually, managed to pull full crowds on both the main stages. Headlining duo Harry Draper and Jack Sedman who make Seafret have only been on the music scene since 2014 and have been making a name for themselves since, closed the night at the Rescue Rooms. Over at the main stage at Rock City, rock metal veterans, Sikth, helped bring the night to a close.  

Other acts that appeared were High Tides, Chasing Dragons, Continents, The Mocking Jays, Inme, The Mitherhead and Black Cats & Magpies raised the roof, you could practically smell the sweat, adrenaline and energy. Returning bands were Our Saving Day and Eyre Llew. Over at the acoustics area at the main bar were Billie, Joseph Knight, Bethany Jowett and Ellie Keegan, who proved that acoustics are just as good as rock/metal bands.

Overall it was a successful day with many musicians, both local and from further afield, playing at all seven venues with plenty of food, drink and merchandise to go around, and oddly enough people willing to get their hair cut for the cause. Don’t ask.

The annual music event which takes place every year in September is to raise both awareness and money for the MacMillan Cancer charity and also helps support local artists at the same time.







Subba-Cultcha review piece

An article I did for online magazine/website Subba-Cultcha; MacMillan Fest 2016. Have a read and enjoy at your own leisure.

The infamous single-day-event otherwise known as MacMillan Fest has returned to Nottingham again, this can only mean one thing, two of the town’s best known venues; Rock City and Rescue Rooms, will be heaving with non-stop rock all day long with a mixture of new and returning bands, and some pretty good headliner to. With 67 bands listed on the band bill for the music crammed day the organisers have put everything they’ve got to make this date a must-see event in your dairy. MacMillan Fest is hosted ever year by Kris Davis, who has undeniably worked very hard to make this day one to remember. Over its’ past few years MacMillan Fest has pulled in numerous big names such as Bleed from Within to help it become extraordinary. This time around, two of the headlining acts that got the people packed into the main venues were Seafret and Sikth, whom managed to fill both venues on both the main stages. Seafret, who only came onto the music scene two years ago but have been building momentum ever since they clo