Ed Sheeran, man on a (musical) mission

As of this week British artist Ed Sheeran has managed to smash a completely new bunch of records all with his current album Divide (the divide symbol), here’s how

. It’s the fastest selling artist by a man, ever

. All songs from the album have gone into the Top 20

. This now makes him the 3rd fastest selling artist behind Adele and Oasis

Not bad at all for someone who hit the big time with only his second album, X. This is why I’ve always referred to him as the second male-Adele (Sam Smith being the other). On another note if we’re keeping to mathematics as album names some insiders have suggested = and -. Or as some others’ have suggested TT (pie)

Good on you Sheeran, let’s see how long you can keep the charts de-Cowellised