Graham Norton/Shakespear’s Sister

I first remember hearing ‘Stay’ when it first came out and it was a powerhouse of a hit, Siobahn and Marcella’s voices just hit all the right notes, and within all intents and purposes it was a rich, powerful song with deep, gothic quality. It’s been 27 years since they performed it and it’s not lost any of its touch. Sound-wise it’s got a bit lighter but then you’re just reminded of how great Siobahn and Marcella sound together. Stay still holds the record for the the most weeks at no.1, eight impressive weeks back in it’s heyday. It’s one of those songs that defies time and still sounds as incredible as it did back then. Anyway, the ladies of Shakespear are releasing a new album called Singles Party, can’t wait. A great comeback for Shakespear’s Sister. Also on the sofa were Will Smith, Naomi Scott, Kevin Hart and Octavia Spencer.

Katie Melua on The Graham Norton Show

Just watching Katie Melua perform her new single ‘The Little Swallow’ with The Gori Women’s Choir on BBC1 at the moment. Granted it starts off on a slow pace before Katie’s voice gradually seeps through, ironically it doesn’t so much as cut through and dominate the other voices but just goes alongside them. A very gospel performance and surprisingly short. The singe’s from her new album In Winter. Though she’s got a great voice can’t say I thought that much of it I’m afraid.

And everyone posed for a selfie, courtesy of Hollywood legend Will Smith at the end.