In The Spotlight: Alicia Keys – Time Machine

The new single from American singer Alicia Keys. Time Machine hails as welcome return for Alicia and sounds altogether different from her material since the days of You Don’t Know My Name, Fallin and Empire State of Mind that hailed her as an R&B star. Though Girl on Fire did see a somewhat noticeable shift in her music. Her new single has a rhythmic back beat that goes on like bump, bump, bump, bump. In a way it’s almost like a pre-hook. As always Alicia’s voice just completely nails it and is smooth, soft and melodic but without overdoing it. Whenever she sings you know that she is going to hit the high note, and with minimal effort.

It’s during the chorus when she sings Go out of your mind (Out of your mind) that she really goes into her own and reminds you why she’s the amazing artist that she is. What I like about this song though imparticular is that it sounds like a change in musical direction, for example Underdog did signify some change but Time Machine takes it further. Almost as if she’s being just that little bit more daring each time till she ends up somewhere new.

The video that accompanies the song shows her at an arcade/roller-skating rink and shows Alicia hanging around with a group of people singing. Every few moments she looks straight into the camera and sing. It’s quite good, check it out.

Alicia Keys on The Graham Norton Show and Laura Mvula on The One Show

Watched two amazingly talented women on TV tonight; Alicia Keys perform her new single ‘In Common’, live on the Graham Norton Show on BBC1. And Laura Mvula on The One Show. Ms Keys was as great as ever and her new single sounds fresh and different to what she’s originally done in the past. For me, what made this even more raw was that she had no make-up whatsoever. Other than that the new song’s actually quite good, I look forward to hearing more of it.

Laura Mvula performed live from the Eden Project in Cornwall in front of an audience of hundreds, and it was just incredible. Her new song ‘Phenomenal Woman is the perfect blend of rock and R&B with a little bit of soul in the mix. The lyrics were energetic, fresh and all in all, lively. This is one woman who’s talents and music I admit I am drawn to, despite being more of a rock/soul and dance guy.