Christine & The Queens On The Radio

I found myself listening to Christine & The Queens single ‘Titled’ on Radio 1 a few minutes ago, the more I hear her song the more I just fall in love with it. I admit I quite like the parts where she sings in her native French for a few seconds, it adds more depth to the song. I’m definitely going to get her album over the next two weeks; don’t try stopping me (haha). Bit bummed co’s I completely missed her play at Glastonbury. Either way, Christine, you rock!!!

Note: For those  who have seen it I did mentioned her in an earlier post. Christine & The Queens on The Graham Norton Show





Christine & The Queens on The Graham Norton Show

Just finished watching Christine & The Queens perform their new single ‘Tilted’  live on The Graham Norton Show on BBC1, and as far as live performances go it was both distinctive and fascinating. The performance itself was an eye opener as it was like watching a music video right in front of you (and on TV). I genuinely would listen to that song again . If other French artists are anything like as good as what I’ve just seen with Christine & The Queens then I’m interested to see what other artists France has to offer. Keep an eye out for at Glastonbury as she’s said she’ll be live on The Other Stage. Can’t wait to see that.